Sunday, March 15, 2009

C'est La Vie - And it gets better everyday!

"Voi usate Argo qua?"
"Si e' un parloe Latino" Alessandra
"No way?!?!"
"What did you do on Sunday" Sergio
"Oh i went to Sicily...hahahaha" Elisabeth
"Who do you belive to be" Alessandra

Isola Bonita - La Dulce Vita

Life in Sassari is going great
I have several really amazing friends
There are 3 girls in particular that I don't know what I would do without
Alessandra, Sabrina & Anna Maria
They are really amazing! and I have such an amazing time with them
Vi Voglio Bene!

Sabrina and Alessandra at the party at Agada's Mom's Bar

Anna Maria at the Party
We went to a party at one of Alessandra's Classmates' Bar
Her classmate's name is Agada 
She is super nice!
The Party was all Hispanic Music
Hispanic Dancing
Except for a few songs that were American Oldies like YMCA and Grease
We had soo much fun!

The Bar

Elia and Alessandra at Agada's House

Sabrina and Alessandra Singing Karoke

The Funniest Wine We have ever seen!

Me and Alessandra at our now closed Karaoke Bar

Almost every saturday we would go to this place to sing Karaoke
Me and Ale always sang Grease "Summer Lovin" 
So much fun!
We will miss you Brusceterria!

My Dog Blanco Outside in the Garden Near my house
I have adopted a pet here 
His name is Blanco
He lives outside my house
He comes when I call him
He waits for me everyday after school
He walks me to the bus stop!
He is so Awsome!
He looks like a sheep!

Kitty and Carla

In our Class we are always joking around
Especially during the hours of Latin and Italian
I love just kidding around with my class!

Emanuele B. and Giulia

Giulia and Anna

This was actually an amazing joke
The guys in my class told my teache they had head lice
She Believed them and made them wear Giulia's shower caps
Later when the teacher finally figured it out eveyone took pictures with them
Oh Giulia... who brings shower caps to school?

Monserato- Me, Kels and Cam

Monserato is an amazing Park where we often have picnics!
Its so beautiful!

An Epic Picnic at Monserato-

One thing we learned is that Italian Parks don't stay open very late
We had our picnic supplies and all
Take the  bus to Monserato
And arrive to find that it had closed half an hour earlier! 
That didn't by any means ruin our picnic
We just had our picnic on the green grass of the sign outside the park

Me, Elisabeth and Hil at our epic picnic! 

Oh I almost forgot to mention
There is a new awesome exchange student from Austria named Elisabeth
She is so cool
Me and Sergio (Colombia) always have so much fun with her!

Closed Park Picnic Crew

Blanco and Me

Back at Monserato-
Tim and Coree
So la dulce vita has been going really great latly
Timmy has been in Israel but he comes back today!
I am having an awsome time with my new friends
I have lots of trips comming up!

Wednesday I go to London
Then for Easter I go to Roma!
Hopefully right after Roma to Spain with my class!
Then hopefully to see lake como if possible!
My time here in Italy is quickly comming to an end!
I must Carpe Diem while I can

Trips to Alghero - February

"Awkward Turtle"

Bellisima Alghero

Ok so like i took hardly none of the pictures from my first trip to Alghero but i am using them cause i don't hav
e any
I went to Algher twice in February once for a rotary meeting
A second time to hang out with another exchange stude Jacquie
Both times I had such an aweomse time

bunch of us exchage-ie girls before the rotary meeting
(Kelsey's Pic)
A look at Alghero

Another Pic of us in the eco-circle
(Amber's Pic)

The Train Ride to Alghero
(Fadwa's Pic)

My Second trip to Alghero

My second trip to alghero was just as fun
We saw a parade for Carneval
We hung out around town
We went to a Party at Jacquie's classmates' house

Hilda and Lizbeth at the Carneval Parade

The Trojan Horse
"Biancaneve" Snow White

A Giant Duck

Me and Jacquie at a Party

I had Such an Amazing time in Alghero and I hope to go back really soon!
Until next time xxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milan and Venice

" What the Hull"
"Let's do an Oprah Prayer!"
"Pizza Man!"

Sorry it has been so long since I updated my blog
So I got to go to both Milan and Venice
Jody, another exchange student from Hawaii in Milan got us in contact with her tutor so we could go to there district trip to Venice
It was an absolutly amazing trip
We saw so many beautiful things 
We met so many great new people

-Our Car :)

Off to Mialno at 150 Kilometers per hour

-Galleria (Famous shopping of Mialn)

-All of the Expensive Shops in the Galleria

Piazza Duomo

-La Galleria 

The Rivers of Milan

Aparently Milan used to be like Venice in the sense that it was all rivers
Then it was destroyed by attacks in World War II
Me, Jody and Hilary went down to the Fumes for a walk
Then we went to an Aperitivo 
It was an aweomse night
The Bone Church

The entire inside of the church was decorated with bones
Human Bones
The Church Site used to be a graveyard but then they decided to build a church
It was extreemly KREEPY! 0.0

A Bakery-

One thing that Italy knows how to do is bake bread really well!
I love foccacia's which are a type of bread
They just have so many different types of breads

Castello Sfortzesco
This is the Castel where the Royalty of Milan Lived
It was Gigantic!

Off to Venice We go

We only got to spend about 8 hours in Venice
We were in VENICE for CARNEVAL

-John Tucker and Me on the Bus to Venice

Other Exchang-ies on the Bus to Venice

Isn't Venice AMAZING?

My Fellow Hawaiians with our Carneval Masks

The Most Amazing Ask I have ever Seen!

Mask Shop-

Me and Kevin  on the Venice Bus

Goodbye Venice! We Love You

Going to Milan and Venice was so great
I can't wait to take a trip back to Milan and hopefully to Lake Como too
We made so many new great friends!
Until Next Time xxxxxxxxx